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What is the best length of time to backpack across Europe?

What is the best travel length of time to backpack across Europe? What amount of time is good to see enough?

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Probably the best length of time to backpack across Europe would be around a month or so. In general, 4 to 6 weeks should be plenty of time to get around Europe and see various places for the first time. After 6 weeks, you'll probably be worn out and want a rest from all the travel. Remember, you can always go back and visit places that you may have missed or didn't have the money for.

I backpacked through Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona and Madrid in 2 weeks. I felt like this was a good amount of time, but if I wanted to see any more cities I would say a month is a good time span to see more. You do get worn out though for sure. So if you're going to be there a month, just pace yourself and take it easy.

This was my first time backpacking in Europe and I ended up learning a lot, so I started a site to help first time backpackers know what to pack, what to expect, and things to see and avoid in the cities I stopped in. Maybe it could help you out if this is your first trip. Check it out.

Have fun!

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