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How many people have survived going over Niagara Falls without a safety device?

How many individuals have lived after going over Niagara Falls without any special equipment to protect them? In other words, how many people have survived going over Niagara Falls in suicide attempts or mishaps?

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On Monday, May 21, 2012, a man survived going over Niagara Falls, but according to records he is only the fourth time someone has taken the 54-metre plunge over the Horseshoe Falls and lived to tell about it.  Out of the thousands who have come here to commit suicide over the years, the odds of surviving a Niagara Falls plunge is so minuscule.

It's only the fourth time a person is known to have survived a plunge over the falls, without a protective device like a barrel.

• In July 1960, a boy named Roger Woodward was swept over after a boating mishap on the upper Niagara River. He was wearing a life-jacket.

• In October 2003, Michigan man Kirk Jones survived after going over fully clothed.

• In March 2009, an unidentified man survived in the frigid lower river for 45 minutes while firefighters and a helicopter pilot fished him out.

Gallagher described Monday's survivor as being middle-aged, but did not release his name, his hometown or any indication why he went into the water. Police typically do not release the names of people who have attempted suicide.

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