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What is the difference between Ocean and Sea?

Describing the difference between Ocean and Sea?

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The ocean and the sea are bodies of water that may have same components. It is in their size and location that matters in their descriptions.

The Sea
Seas are small bodies of water compared to the large ocean. In fact, Mediterranean Sea, the largest sea in the world is very small having only 1,144, 800 square miles compared to the smallest ocean, the Arctic which is as vast as 5, 427, 000 square miles. It is close to the land and therefore closer to people. It has become a source of living for those who live nearby these bodies of water because it is filled with marine life as well as plants can thrive in the sea bed. Different civilizations all over the world have thrived beside seas wherein they can dive and enjoy the waters. A diver can go deep into the se with only the help of scuba diving equipment. Pressure under seawater is not much of a problem as well. Coral reefs and many life forms can survive in the bottom of the sea because of its exposure to the sun.

The Ocean
The ocean is where the sea empties its water. It is the largest body of water wherein the deepest ocean floor could only support the basic life forms such as bacteria, fungi, and some shrimps. The reason is that the sun cannot penetrate within the deepness of the ocean. Oceans are associated with navigation, explorers, and adventures to other parts of the world. There are only five oceans in the planet and these are the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic, Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. The depth of the ocean can reach as deep as 12, 430 feet wherein the use of scuba diving gears would not be helpful anymore. A Bathyscaphe is a vessel that is being used to explore the depths of the ocean without worrying the very high pressure.

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