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Why am I being charged $7.49 on my Credit Card for Amazon Prime?

I've been getting charged $6.49 and now $7.49 on my Amazon credit card for a few months. Is this a fraud charge? I already pay for a Yearly Membership for my Amazon Prime account?

2 Answers

It's likely it's a fraud charge, and your credit card is compromised. If you're being charged $7.49 for AMAZON PRIME on your credit card and you don't pay for a monthly AMAZON PRIME account, then it's likely your card is on some fraudsters amazon account. Check your Amazon "Transactions" in your amazon Account, to see if the $6.49 or $7.49 charges show up.

You will likely need to cancel your Credit Card and have them to remove your card from each Amazon Wallet. If you don't have the card removed from amazon Wallets, your new Credit Card will get updated in each account automatically, when you enable your new credit card. If you have an Chase Amazon Prime card, call the fraud department, and ask them how many Wallets (amazon accounts) your card is in.


$7.49 is the student price for Amazon prime

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