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When is the official release date for Internet Explorer 9?

Looks like Internet Explorer 9 is going to be superior in performance when compared to Chrome and Firefox. Is there currently any official release date or expected release date for IE9?

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OK, according to Ars Technica, it looks like the first public beta release of Internet Explorer 9 beta will be available sometime in September 2010. "No release date has been announced, but most believe that the final version will not arrive until 2011."
One Microsoft WayInternet Explorer 9 beta to arrive in September -

The IE9 Beta was released yesterday.
Download the IE9 Beta here:

Rumor has it, that IE9 Release Candidate could be released in the next few days on January 28th. If that doesn't occur some are predicting that Microsoft will release IE9 Final version at the MIX conference in April. Let's hope that the RC version at least gets released by the end of January, because April is a long ways away!

"The recent rumors that the RC will be offered for download beginning on January 28 are gaining more credibility as screenshots of a IE9 release candidate have showed up on a Russian website"  -

Screenshots of slight changes to the IE9 Final version have been leaked:

According to an article at ZDnet today, IE9 Release Candidate to be unveiled February 10 at an event in San Francisco.

it .........releases on 14 th march 2011


IE9 officially launches today (March 14, 2011)! Watch the #IE9 press event at #SXSW LIVE starting at 5:30 pm Pacific today...

The final version of Internet Explorer 9 will be available for download at midnight ET/9:00 PM PT on March 14th at

Download IE9 here:

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