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Before IE9 update, when I googled something and opened a search result there was a small box in the lower right corner, how do I get it back

After opening a search result in Google there used to be a small box in the lower right corner that would highlight the words used in the original search. This would allow me to find what I searched for quickly. Since I updated to IE9, when I open a search in Google the help box is no longer there. Trying to find the part of the website that has what I'm looking for is difficult now. Can anyone help me get this help box back?

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The Google Toolbar has a Highlighter, that highlights all search terms on the page.

You can also use IE9's built-in "Find on this Page" search box, to locate text within the page. Here's how to enable it in IE9:

These answers are helpful. I had no idea that those options were available. Is the option of have the small text box in the lower right corner not available on IE9? I liked having that it would automatically be there and you can click on it to take you directly to the subject on the page.
I'm not exactly sure about the small text box in the lower right corner that you are refering to in previous versions of Internet Explorer. I'm going to guess that the text box was an Add-On that got installed on your previous version of IE, and now that you upgraded to IE9, the add-on no longer is compatible. While I could be wrong, I don't think that small text box, was something that was a default feature of IE8. –  Answers  Apr 22nd, 2011 at 5:13 AM

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