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What's the difference between laptop vs. notebook?

What is the difference between notebook and laptop?

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Laptops and notebooks are both lightweight portable computers. Traditionally, the difference between the two was their size and the options they offered were different due to their sizes. Nowadays the difference between them is smaller, almost invisible.

A notebook is a small and lightweight computer, it fits in your briefcase just like a paper notebook. A laptop is somewhat larger and heavier than a notebook. It was originally designed to be similar to a desktop computer, but to be small enough to sit on your lap.

Due to their different sizes, laptops had more features and functions than notebooks did. Laptops had larger displays, more internal drives and could have separate upgradable hardware devices. Furthermore, they had large full featured keyboards, while notebooks had the smallest possible keyboards. Battery life of a notebook was longer than that of a laptop

Today there are less differences between the two as computer devices and peripherals are smaller now. Notebook computers are also very similar to personal computers. For example, they have the same disk drives.

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