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What Makes 4G Different From 3G?

What's the differences between 3G and 4G?

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What is 4G?

• It stands for ‘4th generation’.
• This standard is still being improved by experts for it is expected to follow the footsteps of 3G in the coming years. Thus. it is not yet a fully developed technology but it would definitely hit the markets soon.
• 4G no longer uses circuit switching. However, with the use of this technology, the resource is tied up as long as the connection is running.
• On the other hand, 4G phones are expected to use packet switching. With this technology, you would definitely experience more accurate and more efficient mobile service.
• The speeds of 4G are generally faster than what the 3G has. They are expected to have the minimum speed of 1Gbps for a mobile user who is not moving and 100Mbps for a user who is not stationary. However, as of the moment, these figures can only be achieved with the use of LANs that are wired.
• UMB, WiMax, and LTE are a few of the technologies falling under 4G. However, the specifications of these technologies are categorized as 3.9G. or Pre-4G.. They don’t pass the standards of a 4G yet.

What is 3G?

• This term refers to ‘3rd generation’.
• It is the path that most mobile phones have taken.
• It is the greatest method used in cellular phones which allows their users to connect to the World Wide Web.
• It makes use of a hybrid of packet switching and circuit switching. The latter technology is an extremely old one which has been present in different systems of telephones since the beginning of their existence.
• This generation has the maximum of 5.8Mbps uplink and 14Mbps downlink for its speed.
• HSPA, EV-DO and WCDMA are just some of the technologies used by 3G.

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