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How to transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes on PC?

I have never uesd iphone, but i have heared that it is a little trouble to use it because we have to use a third program to transfer owing to Apple allows iPhone users to transfer files from iTunes to iPhone but not support iPhone music to iTunes.
Recently I have just bought an iphone 5, and I am looking for a easy way to sync my iphone music to iTunes on windows, but it is failed to get some idea tool, because there are so many similar tools from google, it is very hard for me to decide which one to use. If you are an experience person, you must be very familiar with this, I am really looking forward to your helpful assistance.

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Aha, you meet the same question as well as me in the past. I also encountered the similar problem in the past, I also tried the Dropbox to copy files from iPhone to my computer (win7), I spend a lot of time on it and still don't know how to do it, and finally I choose a paid app, iStonsoft iPhone to computer transfer app, of course, if it not exceed your budget, you can give it a try, it can move all files like music, photos, videos from iPhone to computer without iTunes.

You can read its tutorial:
copy iPhone music/photos to iTunes: to copy music from iPhone to computer iTunes library

copy voice memos/movies to computer: to transfer purchased music from iPhone to computer for backup

Hope it can help you a lot!!!

Well, i found a relatively easy way which can help you transfer songs from iPhone to your computer conveniently! Only the following 3 steps are required for you to complete it:
Step 1: Install the Program and Connect iPhone 5
Step 2: Check the Music Files You Want to Transfer
Step 3: Start Transferring iPhone Music to Computer

You can read the detailed guide from here:

Good luck!

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