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What's difference between LED and LCD Televisions?

What's exactly is the difference between LED and LCD hdtv's?

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LED and LCD TVs have dominated our homes in exchange for the big and bulky box-type TVs that were visible in our homes years ago. Now, we wonder, how do LED and LCD TVs differ from each other? Well actually, there are only a few differences when it comes to these two technologies. To start with, LED TV is actually a newer version of LCD TV. Let us discuss these further below.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, a type of technology that uses liquid crystals that are held in one of the two layers of glass which allows images to be reflected on the screen by blocking the light that comes from the fluorescent lamps at the back of the screen. The images that were created are of high quality making it very nice for the viewers to watch. Aside from the liquid crystals, there are also shutters that are arranged in a grid to allow light or trap light from passing through. This can be done by closing or opening the grid. The colors of the images are made from the shutters that are being paired with a filter. Each pair produces a tiny dot of sub-pixel.

LED TVs, as what was mentioned above, are LCD TV that uses LED or Light Emitting Diodes instead of fluorescent lamps. There are two types of LED, the Array lighting and the Edge lighting. When we say Array lighting, images can be controlled easily with brightness and dimming because diodes are being arranged on the entire surface at the back of the screen. Edge lighting has diodes only on the outside edges of the screen. LED TVs uses less energy than the LCDs that uses fluorescent lamps because LED lights uses less energy. However, since LED TV is newer version of the LCD, they are more expensive. These two TVs are flat screen and covers less space than the old box-type TVs.

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