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IPhone cursor was frozen while writing a message?

I followed your instructions, it worked for a few seconds, then went dumb again. Tried the next suggestion of using the space bar to maneuver, it came alive for a few seconds then dumb again. I've used Mac products since 1988, and I've never encountered the kinds of problems I've had with the 4 new Apple products bought a month ago. This is the iPhoneXR, but weird things happen on the new MacBook Pro, and the watch. The iMac Air is working pretty well, but that's because I mainly use it for art and a game or two. Suggestions?
I've exhausted all the support people; and thought you might have a work around for the Cursed Cursor in the note in my iPhoneXR.
While we are on the subject, maybe you have a fix for a jumpy, erratic cursor on the MBP? Odd that both of the most exasperating problems deal with the cursor!

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I would check to see how much ‘Available’ space you have left on your iPhone... Settings > General > About > Available. Do you have at least 2 GB of Available space? If not, you may want to make room, by removing unnecessary Photos, Videos, Music or Podcasts.

I would then Restart you phone (power it off / on). See if that helps.

I would then check to make sure you have the latest software update for iOS. Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Hope that helps... If not, you may want to go to your local Apple Store (if you have one nearby) and show your iPhone problem to an Apple employee to see if they can figure out the issue to your problem.

Fixed by going into settings-prefs-trackpad-deselecting nearly everything....I just wanted to be able to POINT, Click, and get exactly what I wanted, not a list of options a mile long! (this is for MacBook Pro on Safari, Mojave 10.14.5). I haven't had the problem since. (ps. Not on iPhone. That's something else entirely. And not for Windows.) Thank you!
OH, and re: the erratic cursor problem? Much the same thing, but I also went into Prefs-Accessibility-Mouse&Trackpad-trackpad, scrolling speed one toward "Fast", checked scrolling w/inertia, ok then Mouse set one toward the "slow" (but I don't see what that had to do with anything) ok, and exit.
After two years on the 2012 and the new MBP....FINALLY, so far NO erratic, flyaway cursor.
by the way, I was on the iPhone writing a message and the cursor FROZE when I went back to fix an error. I sent out the SOS and that's when I got your answer. Oddly, when I went back to it, it was unfrozen, but I lost that message altogether. I don't know what happened there at all!
So I was addressing 3 different things! My first comment was for the MacBook Pro popup I was getting every time I wanted to point/select something. The second was for the erratic cursor that flew around the page while typing (the MacBook Pro). And this one (and yours) had to do with the frozen cursor on a brand new iPhone. LOL! –  TxJaIs  Jul 1st, 2019 at 8:04 PM


all the above worked for a short time, but now back to square one.will contact Apple next.

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