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What is the basics of an Android Phone?

Do you know of some basic Information regarding an Android Phone?

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A Droid phone or what is commonly known as an Android phone is basically a cell phone that has an operating system created by Google. This OS is well liked by smart phone manufacturers for it has plenty of room for customization resulting to countless variations of a user’s interface. Once this OS is present in your phone, you can expect free access to most software versions, videos and other useful information over the World Wide Web.

The First Android Phone

The first Android phone (G1™) was offered in the market because of the HTC Corporation’s partnership with Google. Then came the G1™ Android™ phone from T-Mobile which became popular in the US 4 years ago. A lot of Android phones have been offered to the public since then.

In fact, the OS has countless of versions now and they are usually named after desserts such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Donut. The good thing about this OS is that it continues to have newer versions which stay compatible with their respective Android phones. However, limitations to this feature are still set by the phone’s hardware.

The Technical Aspect of the Phone

Aside from an Android phone’s OS, the gadget also has a middleware and some key applications which are in the Java language. Its other features operate on the C language and it is based on Linux® kernel.

This phone became an instant hit basically because of its firmware’s open source characteristic. Its programs belong to the Open Handset Alliance which implies that everyone is allowed to create applications for the phone’s OS and place them in Google's Play Store™ wherein users of the phone can easily download them.

However, phone manufacturers set limits to the things that their customers can avail. This step is done by companies to prevent people from “rooting” or stealing their original applications for varied purposes.

On the other hand, android also has a SDK or Software Development Kit which assists designers in coming up with applications that are truly useful to the public.

The Phone Simply Does Multitasking

Depending on its hardware and on the number of cores in its processor, an Android phone allows you to open and use more than one program in one go. Multitasking is simply one of the greatest features of this phone.

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