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My Facebook iPhone app keeps kicking me off. Got any tips?

The Facebook app on my iPhone keeps kicking me off. Something is not right, got any suggestions to fix the app and get it working?

8 Answers

Here's what you can do to get your broken iphone app working again:

1. Delete the Facebook app from your iPhone
2. Restart your iPhone (Turn off, Turn on)
3. Go to App Store, and re-download the Facebook app.

After you've done those three steps, you should be able to use the Facebook app again. Those steps typically work to get most apps non-working iphone apps, working again (not just Facebook).

It still don't work for me my IPhone is jailbroken any ideas?!? HELP!!!!


While I'm looking at pictures on Facebook it kicks me off?? My phone is pretty new. I got it in May


I'm having the same problem Mercedes, I have an I phone 5c, got it in April. Facebook keeps kicking me out everytime I go on it, after about ten seconds, really annoying! Did you find out what was wrong with yours?


I keep getting kicked off facebook with my iphone 4


My iPhone app. Facebook) keeps knocking out... what to do??

Restart your iPhone... if that doesn't work, then delete the Facebook app, and then re-download the app. –  Answers  Feb 23rd, 2016 at 7:29 PM


Don't work for me


Not just iPhone. My Nokia with windows does it too.

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