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Why am I getting an error code -607000000 in Yamaha Music cast app when setting up surround Musiccast 20 speakers?

I have a Left and Right Musiccast 20 speakers set up with WiFI, however when I try to set them up with my Yamaha receiver, I'm receiving error code -607000000 in the Yamaha Music cast app on my phone. What's wrong?

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So if you get to the last step in setting up your MusicCast 20 speakers as surrounds in the Musiccast app, and get the following pop-up box that says something like: " Setup failed with following devices: (-607000000 Left speaker)"

Here's what to do:

1) Unplug both speakers, turn off receiver, turn off your iPhone (mobile phone), turn off your WiFi router, and turn off your Modem...
2) Now turn all the devices back on... wait a few minutes for router and modem to boot up.
3) Now open up the Yamaha MusicCast app on your phone, and try the Surround sound setup again.
4) Hopefully, setup will succeed this time, and you'll get a "Setup success" popup box, instead of the error code popup box.

I'm not sure why, but this seems to work... let's hope Yamaha can come up with a better error code message to better understand the problem or they fix this issue so that you don't have to go and unplug everything and restart your devices.


Just reset the speaker that makes the problem -

Then connect it again and setup the surround once again.


Im getting -600000700.. ive tried resetting everything and connecting :/

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