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What's a Head Cold?

How do you get a Head Cold? What's a head cold?

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Head Cold

• It is also known as “common cold”.
• It is an infection that occurs in the mucus membranes of the nose.
• This may not be a severe infection but it can surely make you feel uncomfortable for a maximum of 10 days. It usually disappears on its own after that time period.
• Moreover, you shouldn’t take head colds lightly. It can turn into ear and severe sinus infections once left untreated.
• It’s something that people usually acquire during the winter season.
• If some clear mucus is dripping from your nose, then you most probably have a head cold.
• A person suffering from a head cold can have a headache, frequent sneezes and coughs, nasal congestion and a runny nose.
• He or she is expected to feel unwell.
• This person can have a hoarse voice, watery eyes and a mild fever too.
• People who have head colds would only regain their health once their body starts to produce less mucus and once it is already able to kill the virus.
• Treatment of head colds includes staying in a place that is slightly humid and warm.
• Being hydrated with warm fluids can also help you get rid of your head cold.
• Strengthen your immune system by eating nutritious foods.
• Rest well and avoid taking dairy products that would only cause your body to produce more mucus.
• Use saline sprays or rinses to make you feel comfortable and for you to be able to get most of the mucus out of your nose. However, only use these products in moderation to prevent your nose from being inflamed.
• If you still experience head colds after 10 days, then consult your doctor immediately. He or she can give you pain killers and decongestants for your condition.

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