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What Makes Mennonites Different From Amish?

Differences of Mennonites vs. Amish?

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All about Mennonites

• The term Mennonites came from Frisian Menno Simons whom the early Anabaptists look up to.
• They comprise an Anabaptist group which was founded by swiss people.
• They are popular for being the peace church.
• They don’t practice any form of violence.
• They are active citizens of their society.
• They don’t separate themselves from people outside of their community.
• In fact,they have their own international disaster relief organization.
• They spread awareness about HIV, help in building schools for poor communities and they give water, relief kits, blankets and food to people who are affected by a certain calamity.
• They have already reached out to communities which can be found in Middle East, Afghanistan, Thailand, India and Africa.
• Their relief programs are actually long term ones.
• They are comfortable with using any type of gadget unlike the Amish.
• Their clothes are like that of an average citizen. Thus, you will never know that they are Mennonites if you don’t ask them.

All about Amish

• It is a small group that belongs to the Mennonite Church.
• The group was founded by Jakob Amman. This is the reason why his followers are known as Amish.
• Amish are also Anabaptists like the Mennonites.
• Their traditional practices are strictly observed by anyone who belongs to their group.
• Their small communities are tightly connected.
• They wear only traditional clothes.
• They don’t communicate that much with people who are outside of their community.
• They rarely avail of the latest gadgets in the market. This is because they stay away from modern technology as much as possible.
• Their services are held privately and they usually occur in the humble abodes of the members of their community.

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