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Detail the Differences between Human Rights and Civil Rights?

Human and Civil Rights: Determining Their Differences

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Human beings have rights and privileges in this world which are determined by his or her country or an inherited right as a human being. These are civil rights and human rights. But how do these two rights differ from each other? Discussed in here are the differences between these two rights

When we say civil right, it is the right of a person that belonged to a country as a citizen. This means that the person’s civil rights can change if he or she migrates to another country and apply for a citizenship. Civil rights allow the citizen protection by the government or constitution that governs the country. This also would say that the citizen has responsibilities as well for the country and government to follow their laws in the constitution.

Human rights are different from civil rights in terms of its nature. Human rights are universal; it means that all people in the world share the same human rights. Human rights are rights of an individual as a human being. The state, church, or government cannot take a way human rights because these rights are innate in each person the moment that person is being born.

When we say civil rights, these rights have legal basis based on the laws the constitution has provided. These are affected by social standards, culture, religion, and of course, the government. Human rights on the other hand are rights that include freedom of speech, protection from torture as well as right to education.
It is very important for people to distinguish between human and civil rights because these two are different entities which means that violating these rights may have different punishments. Aside from that, knowing the human rights would also help people seek refuge when they need so most especially when they are in another country where their constitutional rights will differ.

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