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What is the difference between a Beaver vs. an Otter?

What Makes a Beaver Different From an Otter?

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What is an Otter?

• It is an animal that falls under the order Carnivora. Thus, it consumes the meat of other animals. Nothing more and nothing less.
• It is an animal which is related to a weasel. It is not a rodent unlike a beaver.
• It has a tapered and long tail.
• It has a slimmer and longer body compared to a beaver.
• It lives on a hole that is hidden and carved out from a landscape’s lower part. An otter’s house is called a holt.
• It creates the entrance of its house under water to stop other animals from entering and damaging its home. However, it can still build its entrance on a huge rock or in a fallen tree depending on the circumstances.
• It has the capacity to live at deep water’s edge.
• These animals prefer to live along banks and riversides for these places make them easily enter their self made homes and they are actually great hunting areas.

What is a Beaver?

• It is an animal that falls under the order Rodentia which makes it a rodent.
• It is an animal which is related to a rat.
• It has a tail which is elongated.
• It uses its tail to ‘talk’ with other beavers, build things and swim.
• It is small and husky.
• It is stockier and shorter compared to an otter.
• It is squat.
• It consumes plants alone.
• It builds lodges or dams preferably across a smaller body of water to serve as its habitat. It usually has a huge house to accommodate its family after the mating period. Its habitat is also extremely intricate.
• This animal is often found in high access tributaries, shallow rivers and streams.

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