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What is Online Data Storage?

What are some Tips for Online Data Storage: Security and Maximizing Storage

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Online data storage has slowly replaced the need to have an external memory device such as flash drives and CDs. Online data storage is inexpensive compared to the other modes of storage. They are not free but it is very cheap and its storage capacity as well as the limitless things you can do with it if you have business or for school use is worth every cent you pay.

Since this type of storage process can be shared by other computers as well as websites, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

1. Provide a password

Passwords are essential because of the threat of suspicious programs that might want to invade your data storage. Since these data can be shared and accessed in any computer anywhere and anytime, passwords will provide security and ensure that your data are safe and no one can access it except you and other important persons.

There are two ways to provide password. The first one is by logging in to any computer and enters your username and password then access the data. The second one, which is popularly used, is password token. Password tokens are made randomly wherein it is only a one-time use. This is commonly done when sharing the files wherein the other person who will access it will need to input the token. Once the person is able to access the data storage, the password token will be discarded.

2. Expand the storage capacity
Expanding the storage capacity as needed is not expensive at all. You will just need to purchase extra storage and it is very cheap compared to the hard drives and flash drives. Aside from that, there are many ways depending on what online data storage you are using, that can get you extra storage for free.

3. Provide back-up especially for very important files
Back-ups are very important especially when you opt for online storage. This is because anything can happen online. Its either the company was attacked by malicious sites, floods, earthquakes, and many other factors that may cause files to disappear. An external back-up is necessary for sensitive files because there are some cases wherein files online disappears together with the files from the source computer. The best part of online data storage is that companies can have lots of back-up options wherein it allows you to access lost files.

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