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What is Different about a Jungle versus a Rainforest?

How is a Jungle different than a Rainforest?

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The natural home of wild animals, huge trees, plants and vegetation - is it a jungle, is it a rainforest, or do they both mean the same? Tarzan and Simba are just some of the favorite movie characters who live in the jungle. If those two words mean the same, we will find it awkward to tell that Tarzan is the Lord of the Rainforest or Simba is the King of the Rainforest. Everyone remembers Captain Planet and the Planeteers who were there to save the rainforest and we just can’t remember any mention about them saving the jungle.

Rainforest and jungle may be interchangeably used but they don’t mean the same thing. A rainforest can be identified with its very tall canopy of trees which covers its ground from the sun light; the reason it doesn’t grow more plants from ground level. From its name itself, rainforest is characterized by rainfall giving a warm and humid weather conditions. Rainforests are classified as tropical and temperate, and the difference is mainly on their location. It’s tropical when it’s located near to the equator and it’s temperate when it’s located in temperate zones or regions. With that, we can expect it’s warmer in a tropical rainforest. Some of the scenes in the Twilight Saga, where there are a lot of romantic acts by Edward and Bella including Jacob of course, were taken in Silver Falls State Park Oregon – that is an example of a temperate rainforest.

Jungle, on the other hand, may have tall trees as well but its canopy doesn’t block the sun light to reach its lower layers. This allows dense vegetation in its ground for the animals to thrive. Travelers can’t just take a brisk walk in a jungle as its ground is covered with bushes and shrubs. That is why you can basically observe in movies that the characters have to cut their way through. Rainforests can actually transform into jungles. This happens when trees are cleared for a view of sunlight and allow more plants to grow. In such cases, a rainforest becomes a man-made jungle.

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