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What is a Mahi-Mahi fish and Where are they found?

What does a Mahi-Mahi look like?

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Mahi-mahi is under the species Coryphaena hippurus and it’s a fish. They love the seas in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean ocean because of regions’ warm water. That’s the reason why it isn’t surprising to find people living near those areas craving for the sweet and fresh taste of the fish’s white flesh.

It can serve as an alternative for swordfish but it certainly already has a reputation of its own. Lemon or lime beverages, seasonings, fish tacos and ceviches actually blend well with any mahi-mahi so make sure that you have these foods ready for your utmost satisfaction.

The animal is also well known for its great weight of 20 lbs which can even go higher if you caught for yourself a male mahi-mahi. The fish normally lives up to 4 years and it’s able to reach the kind of weight that we have mentioned once it’s already 1 year old. They eat crustaceans, squid and other fish for their nutrition but they are also considered as a shark’s meal. However, they are able to escape from their predators most of the time because of their great agility.

They all have a flat appearance but the forehead of a male mahi-mahi is usually bigger than a female’s. They also have magnificent fish scales which have the colors of green, blue or gold.

Mahi-mahi is supposed to be spelled without the hyphen for it’s a one word name given by the people living in Hawaii. On the other hand, strong is the equivalent word of mahi in the English language and the word seem to fit the fish because of its great strength which also makes it precious for fishermen.

This fish is obviously not a mammal and its appearance is totally different from that of a dolphin. However, it was given the name “dolphin fish” in the past despite those facts. Now, people prefer to call the fish by its original name because most individuals are actually not delighted with the thought of killing a “dolphin” just for dinner.

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