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What food should I use to prevent the recurrence of urine crystals in my cat?

How do I know that the food change will help?

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FLUTD or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a common, painful (in female cats) and potentially dangerous (in male cats) disease that causes crystals in the urine. FLUTD in females causes pain, house soiling and symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection. FLUTD in males have similar symptoms but can cause a potentially, deadly issue which is urinary obstruction. I recommend that you test her urine to see if her food is agreeing with her body and preventing FLUTD. So the timing is right, you can do the urine test two weeks after the diet change. If there are no crystals (and the urine’s acidity level, or pH, is appropriate), then the new food should be fine. Talk to your vet about a urine test.

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