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What does Selective Hearing mean?

Can you tell me all about Selective Hearing?

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What is Selective Hearing?

• called selective inattention as well for the condition affects an individual’s attention for things not his or her hearing capabilities
• can be considered as an attention illness but selective hearing is definitely not a permanent condition
• interacting with the people around you not to understand their actions but to lead the conversation to an end instead
Mary asks James to do some errand for her. James refuses to do so. Thus, Mary asks him the reason why. She is doing this because she is selectively hearing what James is trying to say. Her intention is not really to know James’ excuse for not running her errands but to get him to do the task by ending the conversation.

• happens because a person gives more importance to a particular detail than the other. It’s simply a matter of an individual’s preference.
• It is not done out of great dislike or malice for the speaker or the subject.
• shows that a person’s attention can be muted at any time
• It’s not a physiological disorder for there is nothing wrong with your sense of hearing. You have just consciously or subconsciously closed your mind to accepting that selective information.
• ignoring details that are unpleasant to your ears
• commonly associated with guys for most men are not so ecstatic when it comes to their partners’ shopping adventures
• It is done by most children as well for it’s how they cope up with all the new information that are being taught to them.
• If your child has a high level of selective hearing, then don’t immediately conclude that he or she has a hearing deficiency for your little one’s attention is simply divided when he or she is performing selective hearing.

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