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What does Euthanasia mean?

What are the views of Euthanasia?

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In euthanasia, somebody is being killed slowly to help him or her to finally escape from the pain that he or she is currently experiencing. This procedure is also called as mercy killing or assisted suicide since it can be done to someone who wants to die because of personal reasons. Lethal injection is commonly used in euthanasia and the legality of this process depends on the law of the country where it is being conducted.

Not everyone is willing is conduct euthanasia and it has been a hot topic just like abortion up until this present time.

Views of People Who are Pro-Euthanasia

• Some medical professionals see death as the only way for them to help their patients.
• They believe that a person has the right to “leave” peacefully if he or she would only live a life which is constricted in a hospital bed
• The Hemlock Society (a pro-euthanasia group) also agrees that the government has no say on what an individual wants to do with his or her life.

Views of People Who are Against Euthanasia

• A lot of medical professionals hold on to the Hippocratic Oath is based on Hippocrates’s principle which is against the use of euthanasia.
• They believe in life preservation.
• They also believe that natural phenomenon and only our Creator has the right to take someone’s life.

Here are the countries and states which allow physicians to legally conduct euthanasia in their areas:

• Montana
• Oregon
• Washington
• Colombia
• Switzerland
• Luxembourg
• Netherlands
• Belgium

As you can see, mercy killing is considered illegal in most American states. A physician in the name of Dr. Jack Kevorkian was even put into jail after performing euthanasia to his 52-year-old patient in the year 1998.

Euthanasia may not be accepted worldwide but it is usually legal for doctors to stop treating a person if they have the consent of the patient or of one’s family members.

Moreover, this procedure is often legal to be conducted in animals which don’t owners to claim them from an animal shelter. Old pets also undergo lethal injection if they have incurable diseases or if they are experiencing a great deal of pain that will eventually cause their deaths.

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