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What are the differences in Gin and Vodka?

What's different between Gin and Vodka: Two Popular Alcoholic Drinks?

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Vodka and gin are enjoyed by people in all parts of the world. During special occasions, parties, or even on any normal days, these two alcoholic drinks have accompanied people through their ups and downs. Vodka and gin have their own similarities but their difference from each other is what tells them apart.

Some would say that gin is the favorite of the Dutch and the first gin is Genever. Gin is made from distilled barley and rye. Oftentimes, this clear spirit is mixed with other flavors and the liquid can be slightly flavored too. Strength of 76 to 90 proof, gin is often the most favorite in the bars and clubs. Dry gin is also being made with an alcohol content of 80 proof which is a very popular drink in London. Botanicals or mixture of spices are also being included in the making of this liquor. These botanicals include juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange, and lemon. These ingredients of herbs and spices add flavor to the drink.

Vodka has no flavor at all because it is distilled liquor and extracts its alcoholic content. Like gin, it is a clear, colorless drink but it is purely alcohol. Its taste is neutral and made from distilled grains or potatoes. Like dry gin, it comes in an 80 proof content but some manufacturers go for higher alcohol content. Vodka is considered a favorite drink even though its taste is neutral because it can be mixed with other drinks. Oftentimes, alcohol mixes are vodka based wherein additional flavors are being added to create fantastic flavors. Examples of these drinks include Bloody Mary, Pinacolada, and Screwdrivers. Wheat and barley are also some of the favorite ingredients of other manufacturers in making vodka.

Having seen the differences between these two drinks, we know realize that there is not much difference that we can see. The ingredients are almost identical, it is in the flavor as well as how it is being distilled distinguishes their differences.

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