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What are scripting languages like (PHP, ASP, Perl, CGI etc)?

What are web site scripting languages like (PHP, ASP, Perl, CGI etc)?

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Scripting Languages are used to add functionality to a web page. Whenever you see a dynamic advert being delivered or a chat window opening, a blog being posted, or any other functionality in a web page, it's working with the help of scripting languages. All the clicks and sights you see on the web page have a scripting language behind it.

We might use scripting languages but not realize it thanks to the ease software developers have created.

A scripting language is essentially a programming language which is used to control a software application.

Perl: Perl or the Practical Extraction and Report Language, is a dynamic programming language providing powerful text processing facilities. Perl is used in a wide range of tasks such as web development, network programming, system administration and GUI development.

PHP: PHP or the Hypertext Processor again is a general purpose scripting language best used in web development. The very fact that PHP is installed on 20 million websites shows how popular it is!

ASP: ASP or Active Server Pages, is Microsofts web page technology, which has been improved upon emmensely in recent years with it's new technology called ASP.NET. ASP.NET is one of the best web scripting languages used today to power some of the largest websites on the internet (like Myspace, DELL, MSN).

CGI: CGI or the Common Gateway Interface is used as an interface between the external applications and information servers like HTTP or web servers. It is designed to accept and return data which confirms to the CGI specification thereby acting as a gateway. A plain HTML is static while CGI is a real time execution and can output dynamic information.

Python: This is another scripting language which is object-oriented and can be used in a wide range of high quality software development. Python can run on various platforms like windows, palm handhelds, Linux and Nokia phones as well, thereby making it one of the best scripting languages.

Perl & Python are so evolved at the moment that they are full fledged programming languages rather than just scripting language used to add functionality.

With more and more functionality being added to spice up the Internet every other day, the future of scripting languages looks more promising.

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