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What’s the difference between a Windows server and UNIX / Linux server?

What’s the difference between a Windows server vs. UNIX / Linux based server?

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Windows server and UNIX are both computer operating systems, Linux being a variety of UNIX. Both the servers can be used for database hosting, web hosting and email.

So what's the difference?

From a general web designer's point of view there isn't much difference whether your host server runs on windows or on Linux/Unix. The choice will pretty much depend upon the kind of features you would like to have which further depends upon the technology and language you are using on your website. If you are already using Microsoft products like Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access etc you will have to go for a Windows based server. Most of the people are already familiar with MS Windows since they have it in their home or office PC and hence is easier for beginners who don't want to learn UNIX from scratch.

The differences really crops up with issues like reliability, uptime, speed and cost. Linux less susceptible to viruses and hence can be more stable than windows servers which are vulnerable to viruses very much like a windows based computer. However the deciding factor more times than not becomes the cost. While Linux and UNIX come for FREE, windows must be purchased. Moreover windows require to be renewed from time to time which is yet another expense. Furthermore the hosting company must buy all associated Microsoft software like MS SQL thereby making it an expensive affair. That's the reason why you will find Linux more common with web hosting companies.

Apart from this both Windows and Linux/UNIX can handle functions like chat rooms, website stats, emails and more along with high traffic.

So it all boils down to the features you want in your website and the price you can afford.

Yap i agree with you but still is some problem with windows. i like to talk about windows because i'm not a unix user but as far i know unix is a open source os so there is no way to run any background program,
In windows so-many background process is running, in that case if any unwanted software run in windows some time it's untraceable for a users.
If i use windows server (which i use) it's not good for my server health, I think that if windows make a os which not have any background process or if it is then it's run only few process with details that knowable for a user.

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