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How to download pictures from your motorolla cell phone to your p.c?

i plugged in my usb cord to the phone then the laptop computer but it won't let me upload my pictures from it.

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To see if you can access your phone and download photos to your PC via the USB connection, try following:

On Windows 7,
1. Click "Start" -> "Computer" (on older windows computers it's called "My Computer")
2. In the window that comes up, you should see the hard disk drive (C:) and other removable storage devices like a DVD RW Drive (D:). Below those you should then see a section called "Portable Devices", which is typically where phones and cameras show up. I have an iPhone, so it shows up there saying "Doug's iPhone".
3. If you see your Motorola phone, click on it, and try and locate the folder containing your pictures. On an iPhone it's pretty easy to do this:
Here's what I do to get to the pictures folder on my iPhone: I click on "Start" -> "Computer" -> "Doug's iPhone" -> then click on "Internal Storage" -> click on "DCIM" folder -> and then click through to the next folder and it holds all my photos taken on my iPhone.
4. To download the photos, you can then just copy and paste the photos from the folder on your phone to a destination on your PC.

Hopefully, that gives you an idea of where to look for downloading photos from your Motorola phone.

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