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How do I run ipconfig in windows 7?

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In Windows 7 do the following to run ipconfig:

1) Click the Windows 'Start' button (lower left corner.
2) Type "cmd" in the search box, and hit 'Enter', which will open cmd.exe.
3) In cmd.exe, type "ipconfig" and hit 'Enter', this will run ipconfig

To see how to run more ipconfig features in Windows 7, check out this video

Click Start
Type CMD in search box and dont do anything else
You will notice CMD.exe listed at the top
Right click CMD.exe
Run as Administrator
Stupid Windows 7!

Steps to be followed to run ipconfig for Windows 7:
1.Start->Type cmd prompt
2.In that,just type ipconfig and then click enter
For example: It will show ip address like .
If you want to check your network IP address that is provided by your ISP,visit .

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