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What is an Algorithm?

What constitutes an Algorithm? Define an Algorithm

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Here's what I can tell you about an Algorithm:

• It is a series of detailed steps that would allow you to arrive at an expected answer given reasonable inputs of course.
• It should be properly defined for all of your answers to be correct.
• Examples of an algorithm: steps for putting up a model airplane - The result for this algorithm should be an airplane. This is made possible by the manual and marked pieces of the product. Human error and a poorly printed manual can hinder the user from successfully building the model.
• Human brain – Our brain is the perfect example of a complicated algorithm. It sends out signals or instructions to the several parts of our body allowing us to feel emotions such as love or sadness and to perform essential tasks such as eating our food and talking a bath.
• Mathematical equations – These algorithms dismisses the use of calculator because of the detailed steps that they can give to us.
• A computer program – One computer program has countless of instructions which enables you to see output on your computer screen.
• Kinds of Algorithms: Divide and Conquer Algorithms – These algorithms work like branch and bound algorithms but they break down their problems into sub problems while using backtracking method of recurring.
• Backtracking Algorithms – These algorithms involve a series of tests until a concrete solution is found by the user.
• Simple Recursive Algorithms – These algorithms looks for an immediate solution to the problem and backtrack on the steps to look for a less complex solution.
• Branch and Bound Algorithms - These algorithms create a tress of smaller problems from the main problem. The user goes through all of the branches until a solution is found or until the sub problem braches out into a much smaller problem.
• Randomized Algorithms
• Brute Force Algorithms
• Greedy Algorithms
• Dynamic Programming Algorithms
• Parallel Algorithms
• Serial Algorithms

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