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How we can use ie9 like google chrome,when we type any keyword in chrome it automatically gives suggestions?

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To Enable Search Suggestions for a Search Provider in IE
1. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools (IE8) or Tools icon (IE9), then click on Manage add-ons.
2. In the left pane of Add-on Types, click on Search Providers.
3. To Enable Search Suggestions for a Search Provider in IE
A) Select a search provider (ex: Google) that you want to enable search suggestions for, then click on the Enable suggestions link in the bottom pane.
4. Now type a search in the IE9 address search bar (but do not hit enter). A drop down menu will appear under the address/search bar, which will include "Google Suggestions". Click on the link that says "Turn on suggestsion (send keystrokes to Google)."

You should now have Google suggestions enabled in IE9, just like you have in Google Chrome.

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