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How do I deactivate Netflix from my xbox?

i am moving to an area where high speed internet is not available in Canada. How do I deactivate xbox 360 from Netflix?

2 Answers

Here's how you can manually de-register devices like your XBOX 360 from Netflix that you no longer want activated with Netflix:

1. Login to your Netflix account, then click on Your Account & Help link located in the upper-right.
2. Now click on Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.
3. You should now see a listing of all your Netflix activated devices and computers (You should see Xbox 360 in the listing)
4. To deactivate a device simply click on the Deactivate button for the device, and then confirm that you want to deactivate that device in the pop-up box.

That's all you have to do to deactivate Xbox 360 from Netflix.


Go to Netflix -> Your Account & Help -> Preferences -> Manage applications

Then you can remove Xbox from your account.


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