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How to face the fear of watching your ex with another on fb?

How can you cope with watching your ex being with another person on Facebook? Should I defriend my ex so I don't get jealous of my ex's new relationship? I'm not sure how to deal with this.

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The only real way to get over this fear is to move on with someone else, and hopefully then you will be comfortable enough to see you ex with another person on FB. Otherwise, you will most likely just get jealous and/ or sad that your ex has moved on, while you still have feelings for them.

You can always put your ex on the Acquintance friends list, and stop subscribing to their News feed, so you won't see your ex's updates. Then at least you will have stopped yourself from being inundated with seeing your ex. You would then just need to refrain from looking at your ex's facebook profile page and pictures.

Facebook can be great for connecting with people, but it can make you very depressed when you have to see your ex with someone else. It may be hard to not want to see their updates, but to fully get over someone, you will have to try.

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