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How do I choose a cat for my children?

Should I have the cat spayed/neutered?

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When you handle prospective adoptees and select a cat, take your children with you. If a cat purrs, approaches your kids readily and displays affection that is a good sign. Pet the cat firmly all over to make sure it doesn’t bite when touched. If you have young children in your family, do not get a cat that cringes or tries to hide when subjected to sudden, loud noises. Adopting an older cat is best for young children since her temperament is fixed. To ensure that your cat will not lash out on one of your children, the single most important thing to do is to spay/neuter them since male cats are territorial and female cats are unpredictable when in heat and this increases the chances that your cat might bite or scratch your child.

As part of responsible pet ownership, it’s never too early to ingrain in your children the importance of spaying and neutering. Your family will be ensured with a rich, rewarding experience for everyone when you select a cat with just the right temperament.

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