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How can I make a homemade toy my cat would like?

How can I replace store bought toys since he sleeps on them?

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Plain old pipe cleaners, not the ones with foil in them, can be folded at the end so it’s not sharp then curl around your finger and toss it in the air. You can also play fetch with bottle caps off a soda bottle and the ring off the neck of a gallon of milk. They also love to scoot around on the floor cardboard rolls that are left from the paper towel or toilet paper roll.

Ping pong balls or balls made up of scrunched up paper as well as cardboard boxes can also be used. Cats like fishing pole toys and they are easy to make. Get a strip of fleece material and fix it onto the end of a stick and as you flick it about he’ll probably love to pounce on it and chase it.

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