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Does the CAP Barbell Exercise Mat fit with a BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat?

Do BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mats work with CAP Barbell Exercise Mats? In other words do the cutouts pieces of both foam mats interlock together?

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Yes, I have a bunch of Cap Barbell Exercise Mats 3/4 inch, and recently purchased Balanceform Exercise Mats 3/4 inch to save some money, and both mats have the same interlocking cutout pattern. So you can use them together.

That being said, there are a few differences, the Cap Barbell Mat is flat on oneside, while the Balanceform mat has a pattern on both sides. They both feel relatively the same.

The outside 1" edge border pieces are cut different at both edges on the Cap and Balanceform mats, so combining the border pieces will not work unless you take a knife and trim a little off (not a huge problem unless you need to combine the border pieces to make a straight border).

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