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Does Facebook lead to more Happiness or more Depression?

Do you feel like being on Facebook and checking news feeds and profiles has brought you more happiness in your life or has it lead to more stress and depression?

I guess it would be good if you clarified if you were in a relationship or if your were single. As I think how you view facebook, ultimately differs, depending on what type of relationships are in your life. Also if you are Male or Female.

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Just like most, things I think it all depends where you are in life.

For instance, if you have a job, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, kids, and a life your already happy or content with then Facebook can add to your happiness when you see updates (posts, pictures) by friends and family. Also interaction with friends can be fun and enjoyable.

However, Facebook can also be very depressing if you are single and log on to see your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend whom you still have feelings for, posting pictures and status updates of their life with someone new. It can also be depressing when you see your crush with other girls or guys.

It can also make you jealous of other people, if you see them posting updates or pictures of fancy dinners or trips to exotic places, that you wish were able to go to, but might not be able to because of money or other circumstances.

So while facebook, can add value to your life, it can also be a source of huge disappointment and depressing thoughts, when you see that your life may not have turned out the way you envisioned it or wanted it to be.

So use caution when going on facebook, and unsubscribe to friends feeds if you find yourself getting depressed by their updates.

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