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Can facebook messages be deleted from an iPhone?

Can you delete facebook messages using an iPhone?

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Yes, they can be deleted using the Facebook iphone app or browsing to within Safari browser.

Using the Facebook app, go to Messages and locate the message that you would like to delete, then on swipe you finger over the message (from right to left), to reveal the "Delete" button. Then tap the delete button to permanently remove the facebook message.

Using the Safari browser, simply log into facebook like you would on your computer, then delete the message the same way as you would from your computer or laptop.

From the Facebook app that does not work with iPhone 5!!

It is not deleted as what you have described above. When you swipe your finger over the message, the 'archive' button comes, not the 'delete' button. Facebook messages can not be deleted from iPhone Facebook app. It's final. Don't make people fool.
Actually, using the older facebook app you could in fact delete messages using the method explained above. However, the new version of the Facebook app currently does not allow you to delete messages in the method described above.

This could all change in a future update of the Facebook app. –  Answers  Oct 10th, 2012 at 7:47 AM

delete your messages from PC first.
next, go to your iphone fb apps ... log out and log in again... the message you deleted before disappear! =)

I'm deleting messages on my iphone 4s through the fb app, but they are not deleting (i can still see them). I am holding my finger on the message, hitting the delete button, the confirming - but they don't disappear. I have closed the app, and reopened, but they are still there. And I've deleted through facebook on firefox, and this shows up empty.... can someone please assist?

To delete a message in iPhone, Open Facebook in Safari, Open the Message you want to delete, then press the icon with an arrow on the top right corner and press delete then press done.

Yes, on the new 7 update if you swipe the right side of the message in the list of messages Airchive or Delete will appear.

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