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Can I take picture of a check to deposit at Bank of America?

Does Bank of America have an iphone or android app that allows you to take a picture of a check and have it deposited into your bank account automatically?

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Yes, you can now deposit checks with the new Bank of America iphone app.

The new verision of Bank of America Mobile iphone, ipod, and ipad app now allows for Making Check Deposts via mobile. You will need to get the updated Version 4.0.392 that was released on August, 7, 2012.

Get the new Bank of America Mobile Banking app.
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Thanks! Finally mobile banking at BofA!!!

Currently, Bank of America's iphone app does not allow the functionality to take a picture of your checks and have them deposited automatically.

I believe Chase bank does have this ability.

Bank of America does have Deposit Image ATMs that make it quick and easy to make deposits. No envelopes. No deposit slips.

With Deposit Image ATMs you simply feed checks and cash directly into the ATM — no envelopes or deposit slips needed.

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Recently Bank of America's App in iPhone and Android don't have that feature but it is started in Merrill Edge's App. So I believe that it will come to Bank of America's App soon. Thanks.


I would like to deposit a check by taking a picture of it. I have an android phone.

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