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Where can I change coins to cash without going to a bank?

Are there places I can go to exchange coins to cash without going to a bank? I don't want to have to roll all my change into quarter rolls, dime rolls, nickel rolls and penny rolls in order to take them to the bank. Is there a quick coins to cash exchange in the US?

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You can get cash for your coins at Coinstar vending machines located all across the US and Canada. If you use Coinstar, to exchange your coins to cash, they will take a processing fee of approximately 10% (depending on the location). That's why it's better if you use Coinstar, to exchange your coins to a Gift Card receipt, which Coinstar will not charge any fees.

Depending on the location of the Coinstar machine, they will offer different merchants for Gift Cards. Some of the Gift card merchants include: Amazon, Overstock, Gap, Lowes, iTunes, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Chili's, JC Penny, and Toys R Us... just to name some of them. However, Coinstar machines located in Walmart stores often have a much lower selection of merchants due to competitive reasons. So most likely you won't see Amazon or Overstock as options for Gift cards in Coinstar machines at Walmart.
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