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How much does coinstar charge to change coins to cash?

How much does coinstar machines charge to change coins to cash?

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Is there a charge to use the Coinstar Center machine?

Not always. For Coins to Cash™ service, we charge an 9.8% processing fee in the United States, a 11.9% processing fee in Canada, and a 8.9% processing fee in the U.K. Some retailers or financial institutions may choose to subsidize this fee.

Coin counting is free in select regions of the U.S. if you convert your change to a nationally-branded gift card or eCertificate.  If you don't want to pay a processing fee and change your coins to an gift card, be sure to check the locations for what gift cards you can get.   For instance, Coinstar machines in Walmart stores do not offer Amazon gift cards (for competitive reasons apparently).  Usually, your local supermarket Coinstar machines will have the most eCertificates/Gift Cards partner stores.  Search for coinstar machines here, then hover over the store on the map to see listings of Gift Card partners.

I've heard it's 8.9 pence

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