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When is the Dunkin’ Donuts IPO date?

When is the date of the Dunkin IPO? When is Dunkin' Brands Group set to go public?

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Dunkin' Donuts much-anticipated IPO trade date is currently set for Wednesday July 27, 2011. So by the end of July Dunkin' Donuts IPO should begin trading on the Nasdaq.

Dunkin' Donuts will trade under the ticker symbol DNKN. The IPO Price range is said to be:$16.00-$18.00 with 22.25 million shares set for public trading.

The underwriters for the Dunkin' Donunts IPO include: J.P. Morgan, Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, BofA Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs

Dunkin’ IPO priced at $19 on solid demand

The IPO is raising close to $424 million. The proceeds will be used to repay debt. The shares will start trading on Nasaq Wednesday, under the ticker DNKN.

Dunkin' Brands Group, which also owns ice-creme chain Baskin-Robbins, sold 22.3 million shares in the IPO, giving it a market value of $2.4 billion. The company had originally proposed a price of $16 to $18 a share.

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