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Can cats sense pregnancy?

What does it mean when they use a pregnant person’s bed as a litter box when the cat box is clean?

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Cancer, an impending seizure, impending death, etc. can be detected by animals but there is still some controversy over whether an animal can tell that a woman is pregnant. Your cat probably doesn’t care much if you’re pregnant unless her routine is horridly changed or upset because of this. There are two main reasons why cats stop using the box – stress and illness. You may have her checked for a bladder infection with your vet just to be sure. If she continues to smell her scent in your bed because her urine has soaked through the mattress, she will continue to use that spot so just washing your sheets / blankets isn’t enough. Inconsequential as it may seem, you might have to do some research of what’s gone on in your life. The litter box may be needed to move out of the room and close the door as well.

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