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Can a person survive the bite of a komodo dragon?

Has a person survived being bitten by a komodo dragon or is a komodo dragon's toxic saliva bite deadly?

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It looks like you can survive being bitten by a komodo dragon. Back in 2001, Sharon Stone's then husband Phil Bronstein editor of the San Francisco Chronicle was bitten on the foot while in the cage of a komodo dragon during the couple's private tour of the Los Angeles zoo. Following the attack he had foot surgery to rettach severed tendons and rebuild a big toe.  The whole story of this incident is pretty crazy... check out the link below.

While it may be possible to survive a bite by a komodo dragon, the bacteria filled saliva of a komodo dragon in the wild is much more toxic than that of a komodo dragon in captivity due to the differences in diet.  So while you may survive being bitten, you chance is probably not good unless you get quick medical attention after being bitten.

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