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Adobe Reader is not responding and can't open .PDFs in Windows 7?

Adobe reader not working in Windows 7, I can't open .pdf files. I tried to fix Adobe Reader by running a repair, but it did not work. I then uninstalled Adobe Reader 10 from my computer, and now I can't reinstall it using the Adobe Download page. How can I get Adobe Reader to work on Windows 7 computer?

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This may be due to having a huge amount of Temporary Files on your hard drive.  The temporary directories in Windows' are basically dumping grounds for just about every program that does some sort of nontrivial action.

Surprisingly, in Windows one of the causes for a number of undiagnosed program failures are due to Temporary directories.  A temporary directory that happens to be littered with trash and temp files can cause applications to not work or bomb out inexplicably, even after the program has been removed and reinstalled.  Because of this problem, it's best to keep your Windows Temporary Folder Directories clean.

I recently had over 100GB in the temp files folder, and after deleting the Temporary Files in the temp folder, Adobe Reader started up normally and begain working again. 

To delete your Temp Files on Windows 7 do the following:

  1. Go to Windows Start -> Computer -> then right click on your hard drive OS (C:) -> then select "Properties"
  2. In the Properties pop-box, on the General tab, click on Disk Cleanup.  Let it run.
  3. Now in the Disk Cleanup pop-up box, check the box "Temporary files" and click OK.
This should help clear out any files that may be causing an issue with Adobe Reader.  You may also want to reinstall Adobe Reader using the direct download file.

Here's how you can get Adobe Reader installed on your Windows 7 computer using the direct download file:
  1. Uninstall Adobe Reader, if it hasn't been yet.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Now download the Adobe Reader file directly to your computer found here:
  4. Then install Adobe Reader using the file you just downloaded from your computer.

This should install correctly and fix the bugs that were causing Adobe Reader to not open .pdf's. For whatever reason, the direct download of Adobe Reader found here: works much better and doesn't hang when installing on Windows 7. 

The direct download is much better than the typical internet "Run As" installation of Adobe Reader found here:

Acrobat Help / Quick fix | Install, download | Reader

The tip ;"This should install correctly and fix the bugs that were causing Adobe Reader to not open .pdf's. For whatever reason, the direct download of Adobe Reader found here: works much better and doesn't hang when installing on Windows 7." Worked just fine, in combination with CHROME. At last after a long time no problem anymore, with I had. Sigh.

After hours of frustration, I found a simple answer... AND IT WORKS!!! Go to start, click on All Programs, right click on Adobe Reader, go to Properties, Go to Compatibility and choose Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

i did what ardis had done but instead of compatibility with windows 7 i set it to windows xp sp2. and it worked like magic

It seems that the Properties does the trick, There are lots of reports of issues with the Acrobat not responding threat found on google. Here is what seems to help on Win7 64bit:
- disable protected mode
- disable legacy support for graphics card
- set properties to run in Win7 compatibility mode
This is for Adobe Reader XI - kind of strange that this issue is resurfacing ever since Reader 9...
Good luck!

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