How to Keep Batteries Stored Safely and Well Organized

No more digging through junk drawers to find the right-size battery!
by Updated August 9, 2019

For the longest time I would just store all my batteries in my kitchen junk drawer.  I would try keeping the various batteries in their original packaging, but over time the drawer just became a giant mess with batteries and other junk strewn about.  This made it quite a nuisance when trying to find a particular battery I needed, as well as a safety concern. 

I was a little worried that if any of the batteries scattered about and then possibly came into contact with some other material, that a fire might start.  While as unlikely as this may seem, I have seen first hand, a fire start after a 9-volt battery was touched against steel wool, so there's definitely a safety concern here.  So instead of having to worry about this problem, I just decided to do something about it.  What I ended up doing was getting the Kleen Battery Organizer with Removable Tester for $10 at  I actually like it quite a bit and as an added bonus it comes with it's own removable battery tester!

I've actually hung the battery oganizer on the wall in my utility closet to make more room in my junk draw! But you could just as easily store the battery organizer flat in a drawer.  It's great because the organizer can hold 66 batteries (D, C, AA, AAA and 9-Volt, even hearing-aid batteries) in an orderly way, which allows you to quickly see what batteries you have or don't have.

At any rate, I'm certainly glad to have gotten the battery organizer, and it's certainly a much safer way to store batteries than what I had been doing in the past. 




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