How to Organize Computer Cords for Storage on the Cheap using Ziploc Bags

Use ziploc bags and a paper storage box to keep all of your computer wires, networking wires, and stereo cords organized.
by Updated November 6, 2017

For the longest time, I had just thrown all of my extra computer cords, printer cords, monitor cords, firewire, telephone, and stereo rca cords all in a box, junked together with no real organization.  This meant that when I wanted to find a particular cord, I would have to dig around a box and untangle a bunch of different cords to get the cord I needed. 

Well, today I came up with the "bright" idea of quickly and cheaply organizing all of my extra cords using ziploc bags.  Essentially, I decided to separate them out and place them in ziploc bags for storing and also to help in finding a particular cord later on quickly and easily.  Obvouisly, it's not a revolutionary idea, but it's a solution that you can probably implement in a few minutes with ziploc bags and a paper (or plastic) storage box that you may already have in your house right now!

So here's the 3 (or 4) things that you need:

  1. A box of large 1 gallon size Ziploc bags (or Glad freezer bags).
  2. A box of smaller sandwich size Ziploc bags.
  3. A paper (or plastic) storage box.
  4. Optional: Twist ties / plastic bag ties you find at the grocery store. You can use them to tie together cords and keep them coiled.

Now just all you need to do is separate the various cords.  For instance, I put my monitor cords in one bag, ethernet cords in a bag, power cords in a bag, telephone cords in a bag, two computer mice in a bag, rca cords in a bag, speaker wire in a bag, a firewire cord in a bag and printer cords in another bag. 

Once you've got you cords organized in ziploc bags, simply put them in the storage box.  Make sure to stand the bags vertically so you can easily pull the bags out later when you want to find a cord.  You could even put a note card in each bag to label the type of cord that's in each bag as well, which could be helpful if some of the cords you have are not obvious for what they are used for.

You can now store the orgazined box of cords away in a closet. So the next time you go looking for that cord you'll be able to quickly and easily find the cord you need.



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