How to Use Coca-Cola to Clean a Tiolet

How to clean a tiolet using Coca-Cola?
by Updated November 21, 2012

Running out of toiler cleaner at home is not an excuse for you to ignore your dirty toilet. It is because a single bottle of Coke can easily clean that part of your bathroom in no time. Here are the things that you should do with your Coke:

1.) Empty the bottle and pour its content into the toilet. Make sure that you’re pouring the Coke near the toilet’s rim and you’re doing that step following the path of the rim for the soda to eliminate the dirt on your toilet.

2.) Leave the toilet untouched for 60 minutes or more for the Coke to thoroughly clean that part of your bathroom.

3.) If some stains are still visible in your toilet after an hour, then it’s time for you to grab a brush and have them totally removed from your toilet.

4.) When there’s no visible dirt on your toilet anymore, then immediately press that flush button.



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