How to Update the Firmware on Linksys E4200 Router

Steps you can take to Update the Firmware on Cisco Linksys E4200 Router.
by Updated March 18, 2013
Below are the steps to update the firmware on a Linksys E4200 Router.  Before getting started make sure you download the latest firmware version to your computer from the Linksys site, go to and click on the Downloads tab.  Then select the Hardware Version of your E4200 router.

Now that you have the correct firmware downloaded to your computer for your Linksys E4200 Router, here's how to update the firmware:

1)  Go to the following address:

2) If prompted for Username and Pasword, enter the routers Administation username (which may be "admin" as default) and your routers password (which should be the same password you use to connect to the wi-fi with).

3) You should now be on the the Cisco Router Setup page, click on the Adminstration tab -> then Firmware Upgrade.  (Or just go here:

4) Click the Browse button and select the Firmware file you downloaded from the Linksys site for your router.

5) Now click on Start Upgrade button.  The Upgrade firmware process may take a few minutes and will restart your router automatically.

6) Once completed, you should see a new Firmware Version number in the upper right corner of the Linksys Setup page.  Currently the latest firmware version for E4200 model no. 1 router is: Firmware Version: 1.0.05   

7) That's it!



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