How to Un-mute Speaker Volume in Windows (Vista & 7)


No longer getting any sound from your computer?  Well the fix for this could be as simple as un-muting the volume control in Windows.  I've mistakenly muted the speakers on my laptop many times, due to accidently hitting the volume mute button on the front edge of the laptop and then wondered why I couldn't hear anything. My volume would be muted for a day or two without me realizing it.  To turn off mute on a Windows computer follow these steps:

  1. In the lower right-hand corner of the Windows Taskbar, just next to the Time (and Date), single click on the Speaker icon (if muted the speaker icon will have a red circle-backslash symbol covering it partially, meaning "no" sound).
  2. A volume control box will pop-up, click on the Mute button to un-mute the speaker volume.
  3. Also make sure the volume levels are not turned way down, otherwise you may not hear anything even if you un-mute the speaker volume.
  4. Now just click anywhere on your computer and the volume control box will go away.
  5. That's it!



anonymous by tukt on 8/22/2012
that hasnt worked for me:/
anonymous by WDW on 9/10/2012
Didn't work for me either! No "volume" control comes up!
Doug by Doug on 9/10/2012
If no volume control comes up, then click: Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Adjust system volume.

That should bring up the Volume mixer.

To get the Volume icon in the Notification area do the following: Start -> then search for "Notification Area Icons" -> then change the Volume "behavior" drop down box to "Show icon and notifications" and click OK.
anonymous by mike on 1/9/2013
thanks for your help
anonymous by richard on 5/29/2013
thank you Doug.
anonymous by Jenna Whitaker on 6/4/2013
My dropdown box to turn on the volume icon is locked and I am unable to add the icon to the task bar. Any other thoughts?
anonymous by Wilna Gates on 2/26/2014
Is it as simple as this? Thank you!
anonymous by Anand on 5/4/2014
Thank you Doug. It has worked, & I could un-mute the speakers.
anonymous by sammie on 9/22/2014

have tried all of the above. Get sound on my games but the volume mixer is a completely different color then it used to be with no red volume control. Help

anonymous by caitlyn new on 7/1/2015

not working for me :(

anonymous by SophieAnnw on 1/12/2018

not working for me :(

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